Flex Packaging are flexible packaging providers and manufacturers.


Some background


Founded in 1985, and located in Auckland and Tauranga, we work with product businesses looking to preserve, protect, and project their brand in its best light.  


Flex Packaging is a 100% New Zealand owned family business, with expertise in helping businesses deliver their products to market.  


We supply plastic bags and polythene film in a wide variety of sizes and gauges to customers in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific. Industries we supply are food, agriculture, fisheries, meat processing, hospitality, mailing and timber industries.  


The product line includes a full spectrum of plastic bags and film to meet every need of industrial and retail customers. Both locations carry standard stock plastic bags ranging from small component plastic bags to large industrial plastic bin liners and shrouds, mattress bags, protective covers and stretch wrap. [Find out more about our Standard Stock product range.] 


Take advantage of our cutting edge technology and 25 years of experience to tailor film and bags to meet your requirements and to cut your film and bag costs and lead times. [learn more about our Customised Packaging service]. 


We ship to anywhere in New Zealand.  You can choose from Standard Product Packaging or Customised Product Packaging..


Meet the team


At Flex Packaging, you work directly with the highly knowledgeable and helpfiul owners of the business and their team.






We are New Zealand's Leading

Private Flexible Packing Business 

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